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Windows 10 First Update

So windows 10 has had its first major update over the past few days I use pro and got mine last night where home users got there’s two days ago. So far from what I can tell it is running a bit smother than it was before the update but it’s only been a few […]

The logo for windows 10

Windows 10 first looked

Windows 10 is now in beta, I downloaded the beta and started to test it and I was a bit disappointed at first glance and then I used it for a while. I noticed that it was a lot faster than even windows 7, but I realized why it was faster. A lot of the […]

Writing not writing beginning again

I really haven’t written anything in a long time, it’s been a little over three month’s right now. But I been wanting to get back to it and see if I can finish another book. So I got a new computer and runs a lot faster and a lot cooler mostly a lot cooler. Also […]


Vacation over so sad

Took a week off from work to do some work on my site and finish my book Ten Thousand walks. It took some tim and a few or those nights with just a few hours of sleep but I finished it. I even used a new review program which actually picked up on a lot […]

Windows 8 failed updated and suck rebooting saying config failed lol

Windows 8 installed

20 minutes from start of setup to complete login, though the face that I had a error that rebooted the system the first time I went through the user setup it’s not looking to good for stability. Right the new hi looks nice less fancy and more productivity let’s see how it stands up to […]

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