Starting My PR Campains

Wow, I have tons of work to do for my book; I never really realized just how much work goes into marketing books, oh well. For now I am working on press releases; I have never written one so I am learning how to with the help of Google, and my self-publishing guidebook. Lots and lots of reading both the guide and other press releases, but that’s just the begin. I am also looking for places to send the release to that will reach more science fiction readers than just readers of all genres.

Though I do have a lot to do besides the press release when it comes to doing PR for my book this is where I have chosen to start. Seeing that I don’t have tons of time, to spend on it I am spending all my free time on it. This is also, why I have chosen to work on just the press release first, and after I get it almost done I will figure out what I will be doing next. Taking it one thing at a time until I get there, hopefully it does not take too long.

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