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Vacation over so sad

Took a week off from work to do some work on my site and finish my book Ten Thousand walks. It took some tim and a few or those nights with just a few hours of sleep but I finished it. I even used a new review program which actually picked up on a lot […]

Oh yeah i’m done

I just wrote the last line on Ten Thousand walks i’m soooooooooo happy oh yeah first full length novel at 56055 words.

Day 2

I spent the whole day in bed today I was so tired. Working this holiday season was just way to much and I really needed to sleep. Which worked in a sence seeing that I didn’t last night cause I was in pain. I might be stuck taking pain killers just to be in an […]

Going to be a long day

Woke up and it’s already 86 degrees in my room, which my not seen to bad but for me it sucks to the point where it stops me from eating. Now it’s time to head to work, and standing is making my head spin. But you know it’s not ask bad this week, I’m finishing […]

Give Away and Updates

Starting Monday I will be doing an eBook give away on amazon for all my books, one every Monday through Friday for four weeks. Reason is because I want to get my work to as many people as possible and I want to have a few ratings on my amazon for all my books. I […]

Day Of Planning

Well it’s been a long day today that I have spent, not really doing much mostly I have been thinking about my life and where I need to be in the next few weeks, then months, and hopefully year from now. I say hopefully because I can’t predict exactly what will happen and so it’s […]



Man today was a long day. I have been working on the second book in the cursed Heroes series. I got a lot done today though I need to do a lot more still but I will be done this week, all that needs to be done at this point is really editing the stories […]

I Want It All

I want it all lol, I remember a few years back when I started to get serious about my writing and I told my family about my goals. Well that didn’t go as planned to them having a goal that was not only to write my books but also to own my own publishing company […]

So Many Things Done So Many To Do

So lately, I have been pretty happy lately, which is an awesome thing to say the least. Tons of new ideas have been going through my mind for everything from, new story ideas to new designs. I will be bring my first ever website back online, (bigwillinc.com) its new forces is on design of all […]

The Next Step

I have been working on my goal for some time now and, and I have gotten the first step completed which was to publish my book. Now I am getting to step two, which should have been done alongside step one but I wasn’t really planning to do this step when I did my plans […]

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