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Living With MS – Finding Out

I turn 26 two weeks ago, and it was not a day I was looking forward to at all. Yeah, I know it should be a super happy day, after all I am not just luck to be alive it’s a miracle that I am alive still, after all I went threw these past few […]

Journal entry for September 25

I bought a new TV last week and it finally got here yesterday and I was a bit shocked because I underestimated the size. Get a 42 inch TV to replace a 24 inch TV, seeing that I thought it was a 32 inch TV because I didn’t want to measure in at the time […]

September 4 random journal

Let’s see actually did a bit of correcting off my work today, was actually a lot easier than it was yesterday. Which is pretty good seeing that I will get really annoyed if it wasn’t getting easier to do. Even writing these blog posts are taking less and less time, boys recognition program still has […]

Journal entry for September 3

It’s yet another they living with MS, the controls in my hands is back to almost normal. There’s not very much pain anymore considering that at the beginning of the week it felt like my skin was being torn off. Still feels very odd my hands feel like there always tingling or moving or touching […]

Entry For 7/25/2012

It sucks when you have something that is very hard to understand. For me having MS sucks the most when you go through things and it affects you in that people around you don’t understand. This then sucks because the reaction is never a good one, it is human to fear and hate what they […]

Mind Lost

I actually had a few things planned for today but now it’s all down the drain now. This is by far the worst part about being sick. The inability to control your own mind sucks, much more than not being able to control your body, especially when you go from a person that was always […]

One Long Day

Living with MS sucks to say the least, days like today make me regret being born. Yes I know that’s a bit extreme but its true, I know its fine sometimes but its days like today that make me crazy. When I lose control of my mind, thoughts, and emotions. My thoughts go from fogy […]

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