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Lady Time – It Wasn’t Faith 2

I’m finally getting back to doing some actual writing again and I started on the second book of it wasn’t faith which was not going to have a second book originally. But I felt it was a bit spotty on how it ended so I’m doing a second one which I will be posting on […]

New book in progress

New book in progress For the past few days well about a week I have been writing in a note book while I’m not busy. What I have been writing is what will be the first novel in the cursed heroes series. But instead of just giving hits of what I am writing I have […]

My Day 7/28/2012

Today was a bit of a long day, I did some site work and help my mom clean a lot, man that was a lot of stuff to clean. Well let’s see my site has more the pass the halfway point today, when I started doing the reviews to MOWUniverse.com I had a lot of […]

The Next Step

I have been working on my goal for some time now and, and I have gotten the first step completed which was to publish my book. Now I am getting to step two, which should have been done alongside step one but I wasn’t really planning to do this step when I did my plans […]

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