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Living With MS – Finding Out

I turn 26 two weeks ago, and it was not a day I was looking forward to at all. Yeah, I know it should be a super happy day, after all I am not just luck to be alive it’s a miracle that I am alive still, after all I went threw these past few […]

black red flashes

Living with MS can really suck sometimes, for me pain is nothing new and its actually very easy to deal with. But its the unusual pain that I can’t deal with. Like today I lay down and it begins my insides feel like they are being pulled out wrapped around a knife and stabbed back […]

Journal entry for September 3

It’s yet another they living with MS, the controls in my hands is back to almost normal. There’s not very much pain anymore considering that at the beginning of the week it felt like my skin was being torn off. Still feels very odd my hands feel like there always tingling or moving or touching […]

Long Day And Poem

Yeah the title of this post show say it all. In a nut shell it has been a very long day today not great or well good for that matter. Some pain in my body oh joy I know, wasn’t to bad. I didn’t write anything today which  is a bit odd cause I wanted […]

Heat MS bad bay

Today i found out first hand why heat is bad for me, well why heat messes with my body. Was actually not bad to say the least though i can’t say I want to do it again, or atleast any time soon. Anyway what happened was I went in the tube today, I wanted to […]


I have lost my mind in a sense,  not like I was ever really completely sense to begin with but not I know its comply gone this time. I have not written anything at all in while and the reason is simple, well not really. I kind of just couldn’t, being stressed and having most […]

May Third

Well today was not one of my best days to say the least, so let’s see I did get some  stuff done in the morning. I did a blog post and spent some time working on the MOW site, a few things on it such as commenting and some of the things at the bottom […]

One Long Day

Living with MS sucks to say the least, days like today make me regret being born. Yes I know that’s a bit extreme but its true, I know its fine sometimes but its days like today that make me crazy. When I lose control of my mind, thoughts, and emotions. My thoughts go from fogy […]

Remembering doctors past

visiting at the doctor with my dad feels so odd, the last time I was here I was being tested to see how bad things were. hardly able to walk or feel much of my body, was not all that great of a visit. Even after I got better The side effects of having my […]

Year Is Ending Soon

This year hasn’t been the best to say the least, it’s just about over and it seems like it has just began. So many things I have planned for this year have gone undone, well really they are just unfinished. Most if not all have been started but have gone unfinished. The worst part of […]

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