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Come Back Time

Man I haven’t written anything in a while. Ever since getting ready for super-con I haven’t written anything at all more than a few sentences. I just felt burnt out after getting ready, I sent the month of June going over Ten Thousand Walks, Beginnings, Dark Side, then reading It Wasn’t Faith three times to […]


How to train your dragon 2 review

I saw this movie last night, and I was a bit shocked as to how good it was. And I’m not talking about the animation in the movie, I mean by the story line. The story line was good for a sequel to any movie especially one where the main character grows up. I fully […]

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas Review

I just finished watching Cloud Atlas, and I had to write something about it but for some reason I am at a loss for words. Which is just odd, but I will try to review this movie. I was going to watch it a week ago but it looked like it was just another flick, […]

First Page Typed Up

I have typed up the first page of my new book which I am calling Ten thousand walks, which is online at mow universe right now in two parts. Funny how one hand written page turned into two typed pages, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around but oh well. I […]

New book in progress

New book in progress For the past few days well about a week I have been writing in a note book while I’m not busy. What I have been writing is what will be the first novel in the cursed heroes series. But instead of just giving hits of what I am writing I have […]

Photo 1

Balloon Ride EX3

The Exercise was to use the displayed picture to write a short scene leading up to a plot twist, i think i did a good job. I could feel the heat from the balloons as I walk closer towards my friends, I could smell the heat as it drifted from the balloons all around me. […]

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