The Next Step

I have been working on my goal for some time now and, and I have gotten the first step completed which was to publish my book. Now I am getting to step two, which should have been done alongside step one but I wasn’t really planning to do this step when I did my plans a few years go. So step two will be redoing one of my sites to become the home of my publishing efforts, much like a publishing company. I am redoing some of the content and also I am changing the logo on to be more like publishing sites; much like the Tor or Random House.

The reason I am doing all this is simple I have changed my goal of just publishing a few books to publishing a few books a year. Not only that but I am going down the path of creating a whole universe, much like Marvel or DC, just much bigger. The changes to the MOW site and the new content I will be adding to it over the coming weeks will be focused on changing the image of the site and getting it to the point where I want it to be.

Though I am still in the planning phases for the site, I have already started to revises all the content on the site hopefully as I do that I will get Ideas on what I should do to get to my goal.

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