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Mothers Day Thought

Mothers To all mothers weather mother of a child or mother by actions we thank you. A mother is not the most liked person in our lives many times, disciplining us, putting us on the right path against our will and always watching us for every mistake from the time we are born. But no […]


Do, that’s my thought for today, yep its one word it’s not complex, and it doesn’t have some deep meaning behind it. Its simple just do, it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s productive. So why is this one word my thought for the day. Well its simple really It one […]

Reasons to keep going

Today I have been thinking allot about my goals and what I wanted for my life and I had to write about what I realized when I was thinking. What  I was realized was the reason I write and why I still do after all that has happened to me. I realize that I am […]

Weakness Into Strengths

I have been oh so productive today lol, well no, not really that productive for me anyway. So what did I do today so far well I did some work on put up some content that I edited and finished the layout for the site, then I slacked off and watched YouTube. Then I […]

Key To Success

Being the person I am addicted to knowledge of any kind, it is quite latterly my drug. I learn more and more always wanting to know what everyone else knows and why they believe what they do and compare it to what I believe to see which is better. In that spirit I have read, […]

Never Stop

Never give up no matter how hard things get push on and fight for your dreams. Something I have heard a lot in my life but really it’s just talk; not giving up and fighting for your dreams doesn’t get you anywhere in reality. Don’t get me wrong it is needed some times, but if […]

4 AM conspiracy

Who is awake at four in the morning, I mean I have been awake then a few times and it is by far the worst time to be awake ever. I had the thought that so many bad things happen at this time. In fact, there is a TED video about bad things happened at […]


Time the one thing that no one can control no matter how hard they try and the one thing everyone wishes they had more of. And I wish I had more of it today, I had so much planned for today but I just didn’t seem to have the time to do any of it, […]

Learn From The Good And Bad

We have all heard the saying learn from ones mistakes. However, what does it really mean to learn from our mistakes? For me it’s simple; when I make a mistake I look back at why that mistake was made and everything that lead up to that mistake. Then I try to figure out what I […]

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Nothing on this planet that you don’t do anything to get is ever good, or well even worth much to begin with. I mean think about it everything that you really want, you have to do something for it, or you have to pay for it, either way it requires a price. And that’s what […]

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