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Dying Is Easy Living Isn’t

Dying is  easy it takes work to live, I saw that on an anime a while back, and I still can’t get out of my head. So today my thought of the day is on the point, life truly is harder to live than it is to die. It’s always changing and many things happen […]

Reinventing The Wheel

Something I learned when I was a child was “don’t reinvent the wheel,” my  dad always use to tell me don’t reinvent the wheel but I didn’t understand what that meant for a while. But then one day it kind of just hit me, why try to figure out something from scratch that someone else […]

All Good Things Must Come To An End?

I have heard many people say “all good things must come to an end” true most of the time they have said it is when something good turned bad, but I believe that it is true that all good things must end. Though this sounds a tad bit bleak, it is not if you look […]

Reason To Live

Yesterday I was watching an anime and one of the characters said something that stuck with me all day and even now I am still thinking about it. “You don’t need a reason to die but you do need a reason to live.” Was what was said and I have been thinking about those words […]

life is a reflection of choices

Your life, my life, everyone’s life is a reflection of the choices that we make. Not only the large and difficult choices that we make but also the simple ones that we make every day. Theses choices not only impact us but how other people see us as well, and even though it may seem […]


Progress a word we here all too often but we seem to never really understand. Many of us think of progress as just moving forward or getting better at something and though that is progress. I myself have always seen it as being a bit more than that, to not just get better at something. […]

Greed thought of the day

Greed, it’s a very powerful thing that’s why it will be my focus for my first thought of the day for this year. Oddly enough I didn’t plan on writing my thought of the day for a few more weeks but I just had to. After the past two weeks watching the news and looking […]

Can’t sleep lost in thought

Today I am confused for the first time As to what I want to write about. I keep thinking but I just have no clue what to write it’s not writes block or anything like that I mean I can write if Want to but I don’t want to. Because that feeling I got when I […]

New year thoughts

Its time to think about a new year’s resolution well really I’m thinking about the past year and seeing what I can do this coming year to be different maybe better. The thing that’s standing out most is my writing which I find to be very interesting, because I have never taken it seriously. Which […]

Writing For Me

Well I have to say I do write a lot well at least I use to, now it’s a bit hard to write as much as I use to. It’s not that I can’t write anything I mean I can still write about the things I see just as easy and just as much but […]

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