Tiger’s Dance


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Ok I know I didn’t write anything yesterday but I didn’t feel like it, well actually it was more of I couldn’t think of much to really write about until late last night, and by then I was tired and didn’t want to try and write about anything at that time. So anyway today I was just looking at Google current under the 500PX stream and found something I just had to write about.

I found the attached image the link to the Google current stream and the original image are at the end of the article. But anyway tigers are by far to me the greatest animals on the planet. All one has to do is just look at one for a while, there beauty there power and the since of fear they radiate is so hard to fine in any other animal. But the reason I choses to write about this picture over any other picture I could have chose was because of what they were doing.

Yes I know they are fighting but just look at the image and remove what you know it is and let your mind flow. You can even try doing the same thing I was doing when the image opened, and listen to some music. Look at the way they grip onto one another, even though this instant in time for them is filled with displays of power and killer intent, the grace they display it with makes them look as if they are dancing. Hand in hand, and hands on each others body, it’s as if they are moving as one. Pushing and pulling each other with, shear force and power all with grace. Guiding each other into a display of ruthless power revealed by no other but Each other.

This is why all my life I have seen tigers as animals of power but yet grace. They hunt and kill with reason, they fight for life and they never hide. They are truly in my opinion the greatest animals in the animal kingdom. (Side note a bit off topic but I have no pity for anyone that gets killed by a tiger, its there own fault I mean really look at it though I want one I would never actually sit next to one. Kids don’t be dumb don’t feed the tigers at the zoo, or do It doesn’t matter but don’t blame it for killing you it was YOUR FAULT.)

Link to orgnal
500px: Two Tigers http://goo.gl/mag/Fh1Fb

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