Unnamed letter ex2

Today for my writing exercise I was given a picture of a letter and to write a short opening scene to grab the reader’s attention so here what I wrote. (Once again written from my phone and not edited.)

Opening the door to her office she sees only her dash light is on, under it sits a letter. She walks to her desk and picks up the letter, as she goes to open it her had freezes. There is no return address, no sender name and the date stamp is to worn out to read. The letter is old and it has an address on it she has never seen but it has her full name even her middle initial.
She looks okay it wondering who could Have put it there was it a prank but why would someone do that and who would, no it must be serious but how did it get to her all the way at her office. She keeps thinking about all the in her life that know her full. It’s a very short list of which she couldn’t see any of them sending her a Letter Like this, confusion fills her mind as she ponders weather or not to open the letter. Finally she makes up her mind holds the letter in had and slides the letter opener through the top tearing it open.
Her Mind races as she turns the envelop over and a single sheet if paper falls form it, she picks it up and looks at the blank back then turns over to see a picture. It’s a small girl no more than three years old, sitting on the ground drawing with charka. She looks at the picture in confusion trying her best to figure out who the person in the picture is, then she notices what the girl is drawing it’s her name. It hits her suddenly .the girl in the picture is her, but who would send her a picture of her self.
Dismissing it instantly she goes to tows the picture in the trash and sees that a second peace of paper is stuck to the back of it. She peaks it off and reads “remember when you were younger how you enjoyed the little things happy birth day Love dad.” Her eyes Began to water as she walked back to the door, She hadn’t thought about or even did anything but work since her dad had died four years ago, she had even forgotten today was her birthday.
walking out of her office she decide to take three week off, and with a simple some she spoke out loud to herself, “I will enjoy the little things again dad thanks for the birthday gift.”


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