Using voice recognition program


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Honestly, I don’t know what the write right now, but this program seems to work pretty well so for now I’ll just see what I can think of. I haven’t done any of the training as of yet but I am going to still use it to see works. So far, it hasn’t made any mistakes, Weil it did make a mistake at the beginning but it wasn’t a big mistake it just used a wrong word. Which wasn’t a big deal seeing that I could correct it later on, when I do spellcheck.

However, I’m going to have to learn to use it more, because it will take way too long for me to type anything at all. Not at my hands are not working properly, and hurt all the time now, especially when I move them or try to type or try to write or basically try to do anything at all. Even hurts when I think about moving my hands, which just sucks. However, I’m getting better and soon I’ll be a lot better, and hopefully by then I’m used to using speech recognition program. Because so far I am actually close to type in at the same rate as would if I was actually typing this with my hands. However, I really don’t like speaking aloud, but if this program keeps up the way it is, I will more than happily learn to speak aloud to type even faster than I did when my hands were perfectly fine.

The commands for it are not very easy though, mostly because it takes quite a long time to give any commands. However, that’s okay, because I get to use my phone as a mic, which makes it all better. That’s it for tonight I’m getting tired of talking, and I feel slightly crazy for talking to myself in the dark, well talking to my computer dark.

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