Vitamins Effects

Okay so, I started taking a bunch of new vitamins right before the year started and since then I’ve been feeling a lot better than I’ve felt in a of couple years. Granted its not that many different vitamins, I only take three different ones currently and I’ve noticed the difference, and it’s a pretty big difference actually. I’m less tired, a little bit more alert, my emotional state hasn’t exactly changed but I do feel like it’s going to improve some.

But here’s what I’ve been doing so far, I take vitamins every morning when I eat something or right after eat something. I take vitamin B super complex(two 100 mg tablets) two 1200 mg fish oil tablets (360 mg Omega-3) and one 500 MCG vitamin B 12. Which comes up to five pills every morning with breakfast, which oddly enough isn’t that much compared to how much I use to take. Back when I first got diagnosed with MS a little over 5 years ago, I was taking six different vitamins and for five of them I was taking two tablets a day at the same time. Meaning I quite literally had a handful of pills every morning.

But I drifted away from doing that after about two months or so, simply because I didn’t feel any effect whatsoever from when I took them and when I didn’t. But seeing that I decided to get a little bit healthier for this coming year I decided to try and do it again with a little adjustment. I mainly decided to focus on supplements that increase my brain health in some form this time. Which might’ve been my mistake in taking them the first time, seeing that I just took general vitamins for everything. But now I’m taking a lot less and I feel a lot better than I did before and I mean the difference is leaps and bounds. It took a couple days to finally kick in but after about two days I started to feel a big difference, now today’s the fifth day that I have been taken them and I feel completely different. And because of this I decided to try even more new brain drugs, more specifically one called Noopept. Which is supposed to be one of the strongest cognitive enhancement drugs currently on the market.

Though it is supposed to be a very strong drug, that is not the reason I decided to take it, in fact that is one of the reasons I was going to not take it, for a more less potent version of the same thing. But after reading a few things on it and seeing that it wasn’t exactly, well recommended for anyone to start taking without taking something weaker first. I was definitely against taking it, and then I noticed something at the very bottom of the overview which was one of the major differences between this one and the less potent versions is it. That is this one actually can cause neural regeneration with prolong usage, and neural growth in the short term. Which means to me if it has even the slightest ability to enhance the rate at which my nervous system regenerates itself it would be worth the occasional headache which is actually the biggest side effect because of how small the dosage of it actually is.

But until I get that one I’m going to stick to the current vitamins that I am on right now for the next week or so also try and start working out a little bit to see if I can feel even better than I do currently before I start taking the new one.

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