Weakness Into Strengths

I have been oh so productive today lol, well no, not really that productive for me anyway. So what did I do today so far well I did some work on mowuniverse.com put up some content that I edited and finished the layout for the site, then I slacked off and watched YouTube. Then I went outside caught our bunny which got out and now I have two cuts across my stomach, bunnies are evil. Now I’m back on my computer, just approved the final version of Cursed Heroes The Beginnings, which is awesome because that means the paperback will be on sale on amazon in a few hours and not just the eBook.

Ok its three cuts and a bunch of scratches on my sides and stomach (evil bunny). Nevertheless, that’s going away from my thought of the day, which is turning your weakness into strength. Ok I have heard a lot about this, though Most of what I have head is about having your weakness look like a strength but in reality it’s still a weakness and I have never really understood this because well it’s still a weakness and you haven’t changed anything.

Therefore, I’m going to talk about how I turned my weakness into and actual strength, first something you would never guess is my biggest weakness is my mind. Yes, it really is I do have quite a few learning disorders, inability to control some emotions, and I have a very hard time telling reality apart from what’s not. Well what does this really mean, it means I do not learn the way most people do or even at the same rate, and the way I see the world isn’t the way the world really is.

So how have I turned these problems around to work for me? Well first, I had to figure out how I could learn fast enough to keep up with everyone else. So first, I found what I had the most problems with and why, for me this was langue, words grammar, etc… To me a word was a word and it had one meaning that most of the time I didn’t know. So what I did was use the one thing I was good with and that’s numbers. I told myself everything in the world is just numbers even words and I learn to see the words I was having some much trouble with as a string of numbers in a problem. This helped me with reading and writing so much. However, what helped the most was actually my other weakness.

The fact that my mind doesn’t always separate the thoughts I see in my minds eye from what I see with my physical eyes meant that telling myself words were numbers and so was everything else in the universe, made me actually see everything as numbers. With that, I turned my two biggest weaknesses into my two biggest strengths. Not only was I able to learn faster, but I now learn at a rate that seems unfair to most people seeing that everything seems simple to me just a set of numbers. Though it’s weird at times to see things this way it makes my life much simpler. Not just that but learning to trick my mind into always overlay my thoughts with reality means I am able to see everything I write as if it were in front of me, making being an author extremely fun, and being a theoretical designer so much easier.

Therefore, my thought for today is know your weakness and don’t make them look like strengths, make them into strengths, then use them  as tools in your life to help you overcome the challenges you face daily.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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