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Rules To Starting Any Story

Starting is always a hard thing to do, no matter how good of an idea you may have. You may have a great idea and a great ending, but that first sentence is always the hardest to write, and that’s exactly what I’m going to be discussing. I do have a few rules I use […]

Write Like Your Life Depends On It Intro

Write like your life depends on it! Because it doesn’t. Is the name I chose for this series of post for two reasons. Reason one writing stories of any kind is a way of life, and reason two it’s a life-changing thing when you create a story. This series will be focused on fiction writing. […]

New Years Plans

It’s a new year, and it’s time for some year’s resolution. I’ve made quite a few resolutions for the upcoming year so far, the first of which is to not be as sick as I was this past year. Seeing that I spent my new year in a hospital bed, I don’t really want to […]

First Page Typed Up

I have typed up the first page of my new book which I am calling Ten thousand walks, which is online at mow universe right now in two parts. Funny how one hand written page turned into two typed pages, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around but oh well. I […]

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Balloon Ride EX3

The Exercise was to use the displayed picture to write a short scene leading up to a plot twist, i think i did a good job. I could feel the heat from the balloons as I walk closer towards my friends, I could smell the heat as it drifted from the balloons all around me. […]

Unnamed letter ex2

Today for my writing exercise I was given a picture of a letter and to write a short opening scene to grab the reader’s attention so here what I wrote. (Once again written from my phone and not edited.) Opening the door to her office she sees only her dash light is on, under it […]

Coming home to empty bed ex1

Ok I have not figured anything out as to what I want to write but I did decide to start doing some exercises from one of my writing books that I got. I am starting with the first one even though I don’t have to I just figure I might as well.  Basically I get […]

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