Failed at writing today


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Woke up at like 7 fully planning on writing a bunch today. I was aiming at writing maybe 4000 words or two chapters before I stopped but that failed horribly. I have no clue why I’m in such a bad writing mood lately its not like I’m not getting anything written when I do write I just don’t want to start. Anyway I’m on chapter 7 of ten thousand walks and I don’t want to keep writing anymore I have no clue why though.
I honestly can’t even stay forced on what in doing anymore, like today on the way home from the store I plan to go home and work on it. Get two minutes away from my house and a new completely different story comes to mind. Now what am I going to do, I don’t even feel like writing the new story such just annoys me. I think I need to get away from everything for a few days or finish something for once.

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