May Ninth


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Well my sites were down most of the day today and on and off for the past week. So I contacted customer service, and found out that the server my sites are on are damaged and being moved to a new one today. This is why if you visited today it was down. Also why I haven’t been doing very much updating to it, because it’s been going down so often. Okay let’s see I did do a few things for like update my churches site and edit some more of the audio, well it was mainly the audio seeing that that site was down with all the rest.

Anyway, I hope things are back to normal, and my server won’t be going down again so I can get back to updating my sites. Anyway awesome thing happen today I found my old sunglasses, so happy about that cause I still can’t find any that are as dark and the ones I have now are not dark enough. Yes, I have very sensitive eyes that don’t like the sun at all. That’s it for tonight nothing to add to the list of links until tomorrow I will add the ones that I have to do from today.

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