Moving To The Cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud, which is somewhat good to me, but at the same time, it’s not that great. Backing up to, the cloud is one thing but having software and you work stored on the cloud is a very different thing. I back up my work to Google drive but not all of it just most of it and my writing, I do this just to sync between my computer and phone but that’s it’s still saved to my computer first.

So why is everyone moving their software to the cloud, I mean it’s a bit cheaper but at the same time I prefer the local software on my pc. I am not connected to the internet 24/7 and honestly, I wouldn’t even if the software was free. My main reason why I’m not doing this big move is hackers, oh yeah I’m being paranoid is what it seems like. However, I really am not I’m just being logical about things, I know what hackers do and I’ve seen the effects of hacking first hand.

Simple example two weeks ago my MOW Universe site started running really slow I did a bunch of stuff to speed it up but nothing worked. Therefore, I decide to reinstall everything and wipe everything clean so I sent the database to my email and saw the problem there. Just about 700 lockouts in 2 days which means more than 3000 log in attempts in just two days. Which slowed my site down so it ran as if thousands of people were trying to access it at the same second. I took a few minutes to lock my site down so if someone attempted to login with anything wrong once it would lock them out permanently. My site speed jumped within minutes and was back to normal on all ends; my lockouts went from hundreds down two about twenty and then none the next day.

So here my point one person can have the effect of hundreds of users when hacking what will happen if they are hundreds of hackers trying to get into all these site that are now going to the cloud. Sites like adobe I mean they need lots of power just to run the software alone, then the storage, and users, cross compatibility, and now security. Honestly, they are two companies that I think can pull off having products like adobe online and that is Microsoft and Google.

And here is my last reason most of my files for projects that I work on that aren’t writing; the file sizes are about 200MB a few are smaller and some reach over a GB. So why would I trust and online software for that, I can access my files instantly edit them and keep them with me always. Which on a cloud is the same except for the instant part. A file that’s 800 MB that has to download isn’t going to be instant. And I don’t want to have to wait if I get an idea somewhere I don’t have internet access or if I disconnected to get away and think sorry but sometimes no internet is better when creating.

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