Nov 21

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Niantic Project

So has anyone else heard of Niantic project by Google I know I’m late but I found it today and was hocked. Reason being is it’s a whole world wide conspiracy theory and it’s an odd one I don’t get yet but I was hocked because I just want to figure it out. But what makes it so much better is there is a game, an augmented reality game designed by Google. I can’t wait to play it its free on the market but I still have to wait for an activation code before I can play its invite only, classic Google. So

Anyway I bet it’s going to be amazing seeing that Google has so many services that would be easy to integrate into the game to make it so much more fun that other games. Though I am not a gamer I am very excited for this game, I do love a good game to make me think I can’t wait.

Anyway I know I haven’t been on much seeing that I have been working on a few personal projects before the year is over.

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