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Unexpected Results

So this morning I woke up very tired, I didn’t get very much sleep seeing that I didn’t take any sleeping pills before I went to sleep. I spent the whole night waking up about every half hour or so, but even though I was very tired I felt unusual almost as if I forgotten […]

Long Day And Poem

Yeah the title of this post show say it all. In a nut shell it has been a very long day today not great or well good for that matter. Some pain in my body oh joy I know, wasn’t to bad. I didn’t write anything today which  is a bit odd cause I wanted […]

Can’t sleep lost in thought

Today I am confused for the first time As to what I want to write about. I keep thinking but I just have no clue what to write it’s not writes block or anything like that I mean I can write if Want to but I don’t want to. Because that feeling I got when I […]

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