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Time the one thing that no one can control no matter how hard they try and the one thing everyone wishes they had more of. And I wish I had more of it today, I had so much planned for today but I just didn’t seem to have the time to do any of it, seems like the day just started and its already over. However, it might be due to the fact that I woke up hours late today. Didn’t plan on waking up so late but it was too hot and that’s what happens when I sleep in the heat I just can’t wake up.

Okay so time always passing never ending and never repeating, even though many say the past repeats itself I don’t think it’s true. I mean yes things happen that are similar to the past but they aren’t the same. They are caused by different things and they happen in different ways so it’s not really reaping itself. But why is my question that I asked my self today why is time the way it is, and it just seems that it couldn’t possibly be any other way. After all, if time had a way to repeat or go back to a different time that would destroy everything we know.

Not because of some paradox or some kind of time ripple but just think without the motivation of time passing us by and forcing us to move forward; would we ever actually move forward. I for one don’t think so, I wouldn’t try as hard to do anything, I know I wouldn’t I mean why would I, there would be no need if I could go back and change things or just do it again. Slowing time or speeding it up to make things happen when and how I want, wouldn’t make me do more but much less.

I came to the understanding a few years ago that time keeps me motivated and wishing that time would move differently meant that I was wishing to be something else. For without time would any of us be who we are the things in our past, and the things we are going after would not matter. How would this change us, some may say it will be for the better but I think it would be for the worst at least for me. So that’s my thought for today Time it makes us who we are.

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