Will VS William


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My full name is William D. Ollivierre and it is the name I put on my books and it’s the name I have here on my site and all the others but I can’t really stand my name. Honestly its to common and it’s just not me, which may explain why if you call out to me and say William I will most likely not answer, not cause I don’t like my name but simply cause not very many people call me that and most of the time I hear my name its calling out to someone else. I mean it’s one of the most common names on this planet number five the last time I checked.

To me that name is giving you child a ticket that says here pick your own name its all you. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great name just very uncreative in every way, granted I go by Will most of the time which is a verb, not more creative but I do like it more. And it does describe me very well, I mean I am the very defection of the word “will”, I never stop wishing and wanting to be better, but most of all I never never never stop going. At this point I actually don’t know how to stop anymore I have become my wish, desire, and want all in one, and I’m going straight forward wanting it all. Which is almost the definition of the word will.

So that’s who I am in one word I am Will, I am desire, want, and initiate, all in one.

That is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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