Windows 10 First Update


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So windows 10 has had its first major update over the past few days I use pro and got mine last night where home users got there’s two days ago. So far from what I can tell it is running a bit smother than it was before the update but it’s only been a few hours so there is still time to tell what’s changed. But the first thing I actually noticed when going through the settings is it does move a bit faster and things are easier to read, looks like they bumped up the font by half a point not enough to make it look bigger but enough to make it a bit easier to read. Next thing I noticed is when going through the theme setting it changed the theme colors. My theme was set to change based on the back ground which meant it was in red, but now everything is blue. It looks much nicer than the red, helps I also love blue.
There wasn’t much else that was changed besides making things easier to see and get to from the start, though this update promised a lot of new features it really didn’t have anything new that you would notice. One thing I did find to be odd is I had to reactive windows something I had never done after an update, kind of a hassle but not a big deal.
Last thing is my sleep now seems to be working better , yep my sleep only work every other time at best. I put it to sleep and woke it up a few times with no problem now which makes me happy even though the update took longer to run than the actual install of windows. (update on that it only works right if nothing is opened, other wise it still goes to sleep when it wants)

Another thing about the install is I use EST Nod system for antivirus which I have to uninstall and reinstall because it was damaged during the update. Haven’t checked to see what if anything else got messed up but as far as I can see this update was worth it. All my apps so far have a faster boot up time and internet seems to be running faster.
So over all windows 10 is getting better but updates need to roll out a bit faster maybe more small updates more often, not just big one every few months.

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