Writing For Me

Well I have to say I do write a lot well at least I use to, now it’s a bit hard to write as much as I use to. It’s not that I can’t write anything I mean I can still write about the things I see just as easy and just as much but the things I want to write, is a bit harder to do as of late. I thought for some time that it was just writer’s block but after thinking about it for a few weeks I realized that it can’t be writers block or I wouldn’t be able to write anything at all.

So I thought about my writing process and read a few things on getting over writers block, and I realized that none of it would work. I mean they all basically tell you to write until you get the thoughts flowing but that’s nothing like how my writing process works when I do any type of fiction. For me when I write my stories it’s not in my control at all, it’s like watching TV and just telling what I saw. When I get an idea for a story it’s more like random images flashing into my mind, sometimes just sounds.  Hopefully it doesn’t just say as a random image but sometimes it does in fact more often than not it stays just random flashes and sounds.

But when I am lucky it turns into what’s more like a memory of and event or place. The fact that these places aren’t real makes it a bit hard to try and remember them and once I do get the place or event in my mind it’s out of my hands. Things begin to happen as if I were just watching a movie, at that point I start writing trying my best to describe everything I see happening as fast as I can and as vividly as I can.

For the most part I end up with a very good description of what I saw even though it’s filled with errors from having to type so fast, in order to keep up with what is happen in my mind. If I were to try and describe it I would say it’s a hallucination, a very realistic one to. But as of late those flashes of events and places never end up being anything more than just a flash. Not one has become anything more than just a flash for the past few months, which is making me rethink the whole being a writer thing but oh well I guess life changes good or bad its changed now to see which it has changed to.


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