Day One

Day one of my 30 days of writing was today, though the original plan was for it to be started on Sunday, and then I moved it to Monday to start off the week and ended up not even starting. But yesterday I did finish getting everything ready and left the first story I would be working on open last night so I would see it first thing when I woke up my laptop.

Well that didn’t work the way I thought it would, I ended up restarting the computer to run an update as soon as I woke it up. I did open the story I was working on once it restarted but didn’t work on it instead I let the computer sit there while I tried to figure out what to write, then just put it back to sleep for most of the day. I eventually turned it on to start working on the story, but like I always when I work on anything I usually watch TV or listen to music while I do, but I ended up playing on my PSP and watching TV instead.

Once I started losing on my game I stopped and decided to work on it I turned on the computer and read the last thing I wrote on the story and thought about what i was going to write. Then I went and made something to eat, yes right as I was about to write I thought I didn’t eat yet so I made something. Oddly enough the reason I didn’t eat most of the day is because I wasn’t hungry. So after spending almost an hour looking through the fringe for something to make then getting it ready, I took a few bites and realized I wasn’t hungry and I just put up most of what I made to eat later tonight.

Well I did eventually get to start doing some writing but I couldn’t get in the mood to work on the story, my mind just wasn’t in it I just barely managed to get about 500 words done on it, which took a good half hour. Given how fast I type and how long it use to take me to get a page of work done, that was toooo long to just get 500 words done and still have to go back and reread it to edit it.

Well it’s something at least not much but something and I hope tomorrow to get more done even though tomorrow is Thursday so it will be a review day. Well I do have a lot that needs reviewing so I’m going to try and meet my goal of reviewing 15 pages tomorrow. Shouldn’t be too hard to do and 15 pages means I will get at least one story completely reviewed and off the list.

Well that’s all for today but I will be back doing updates on how my 30days are going every day and because tomorrow is a review day I should be updating with some of what I have completed will post the links to them tomorrow till then God bless.


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