Going to be a long day


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Woke up and it’s already 86 degrees in my room, which my not seen to bad but for me it sucks to the point where it stops me from eating. Now it’s time to head to work, and standing is making my head spin.
But you know it’s not ask bad this week, I’m finishing up my fourth book in the cursed heroes series; and about to start working on the back ground web i started last year on the mowuniverse web site. I’m going to be staying from the first post on the site and make sure it’s updated then create new pages to explain anything anyone might want to know about that’s not in the short stories or in the page. This way i keep each post short and focused in one thing, but at the same time I explain everything that could possibly need explaining.
So far I have two pages to create and I have about 20 that I write but never added cause I kept forgetting to add them. So hopefully ask goes well and soon I’ll be adding two or three pages a day but for now it’s just one for the next two weeks anyway.

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