May Twenty Third


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Let’s see what did I do today well I didn’t do very much but just think a lot about what I want to do and what I am doing, I don’t really know what I want to write very much anymore. Which is odd I mean my mind is actually going blank, which is a scary thing to have happen when your use to hundreds of thoughts flying through your mind all trying to be forced on at the same time. I’m not really sure why it’s happening but it’s not what I would call fun in any way so I hope it stops soon.

Well I started thinking a lot about my life and what I want and what I’m doing to get it and I feel as if I did something wrong. It’s as if an important step is missing from the things I have done over the course of my life and it’s really bugging me. I’m thinking about a lot of stuff I have done threw out the years and I wonder if they were necessary or maybe I should have done something else, but I don’t know maybe tomorrow I will figure it out.

My post for the day didn’t do very much.

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