New Story Done Other Stuff

Another story finished today and I finally got the idea for the cover design. Now all I have to do is finish two more stories and the cover, which if all goes well, will be happening next week, I’ve been putting everything off much too much and I really need to finish stuff I start. And seeing that I updated the Autodesk soft wear on my computer I think I need to get some work done with them after all the take up 27 GB on my computer, so I need to use them for something.

Anyway, the story I finished today is the last one in the new book: Cursed Heroes, Dark Side. Which will be leading into the next book which I think Will be cursed Heroes, The battles begin. But I’m in no rush for that one it will be a while before I start that, I still have to finish Ten Thousand Walks, and The Legend Of The Zin, before I cotinine the cursed Heroes series. I will also be helping to start a social network this month hopefully that goes well I will put up the links to it when it’s up and running.

But I have tons to do so I will update all my sites soon I, also will be bring back online as my portfolio for my 3d work sometime next month. So that should be fun for a while anyway.

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