noopept the good and bad

So it’s been about two weeks since the last time I took noopept a brain enhancement​ drug. And I haven’t felt this slow sine I was 20 still learning to walk again. I’ll tell you a bit about noopept so you can understand a little better. This drug is basically nitrous oxide for your brain. And I have been taking it on a daily basis for a little more than a year now this is actually the longest I’ve been off it since I started taking it. This stuff is basically cheating at everything and I mean everything,  it gives​ better physical and mental control, which is something I really need help with at times. Granted it didn’t give me any special edge but it did push me back to what I was like in high school with out the pain. And I could think a little better and faster than I have before but not that much.

So now comes the part why I stopped taking it, well it worked a bit to well and started enhancing things I would rather go away. It’s something I don’t talk about much and it isn’t something caused by MS. I have had hallucinations since I was a kid, everything thought for me is something I can actually see in front of me. This is hasn’t done much to make me seem like an odd person because they aren’t random things telling me weird stuff to do, instead it’s  just my thoughts. Best way to explain it is, for example if I’m writing I see the words floating in front of me before I write it. Or if I want to do something I can actually watch my self do it before I start to do it. Like getting up and walking to the kitchen before I even move. Which has not been a big deal it’s actually it’s been something that has helped allot over my life. Being able to see things done over and over with out actual doing anything is about the greatest thing in the world when your fixing something. But this has turned bad and I mean really bad over the pass mouth or two. 

I haven’t been seeing very much which at first I thought was me getting better and maybe it was really caused by me having MS then I found out what was really happening. I was still having hallucinations but I wasn’t seeing something that wasn’t there instead I was not seeing something that was there. I was seeing what I thought was real at times and completely blocking something from not just what I could see but I was making it not real all together, or better yet things I did just became memories that are amazing to the point where I think what I was just doing and I go ha yeah that didn’t happen. Example I was eating and I realized I forgot something I don’t even know what it was still but I thought back to getting my food maybe I’ll remember and nope I remember being in space, and went ha that’s fun not even close though.

This happing combined​ with some stuff my girlfriend pointed out to me as  she took all my pills that weren’t my normal MS medication. Made me go well I don’t think I should stay on that right now. So now I’m back to bring enemies with light and having a slight stutter again. Which isn’t to big of a deal seeing that it’s going away as my body adjusts.

However I will most likely be going back to taking noopept soon because it had such a huge effect in making me feel better much more than any medicine I’ve taken so far. Which is my point in all this, noopept works to help with MS systoms and it does help quite a bit. Though anything you may have wrong not cause by MS that has to do with the brain my get worst well from what I have experienced anyway. So if you have MS and want to try something new that may help give it a try may work for you to. 

Like this post and please comment if you have MS and share what has helped you and hopefully help someone​who sees this. I will be posting about a few other things I have tried over the past few years maybe I can help someone find something to make them better.

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