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I got my computer back finally, though I lost a lot of stuff I’m not upset because I only lost unimportant stuff lol. But I did start watching a new TV show this week and I am loving it, it’s awesome. As most people who know me, most of what I watch is unpredictable or makes me think. Which is why I watch cartoons “unpredictable randomness” so much, but I just found a new show “Perception” It’s written so well and it makes you think about how you see the world and well what your normal is. In a way the only reason I watch it was because the end of the first episode, he is talking to a hallucination and the narrator voice say, if fixing those who have mental conditions and make them quote normal, might we be taking away what makes them unique and a part of who they are.

It was all I saw of the first episode to give me an impression, but because of that I had to see the whole episode and I was hocked. Watching the show some might say it’s not in any way, the way anyone with a mental condition is like; but they would be wrong. This show is actually very accurate to real life those who suffer or live with some mental disorders don’t know it and others do what they must to make it something that doesn’t affect them that much.

Now I’m not the whole CSI type cause I see through it so fast it drives me nuts that the shows move so slow. But what got me hocked on this show is the main character, who has mental issues that he has found ways of coping with and ways that are not using drugs. Reason being is because I could relate to him. I’m not talking about the trying to solve the crime of figure his feels out; that I actually can’t relate to; but him finding ways to cope with a mental illness that gets a pretty bad rap. Yes I know it’s just a show but, they are people like him who live with things that he does and hides it from those closest to them. I for one know this quite well seeing that I do it a lot; seeing and hearing things that aren’t there, is something I live with and many others do also. So seeing a show whose main character has the same problems as well the outcast of quote normal society and doesn’t involve pain killers I very refreshing, I still love house though.


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