Reason To Live

Yesterday I was watching an anime and one of the characters said something that stuck with me all day and even now I am still thinking about it. “You don’t need a reason to die but you do need a reason to live.” Was what was said and I have been thinking about those words since I heard them, not only have I been thinking about those words but I have been thinking about my reason for living.

After all the  things that have happened in my life the good and the bad the things that make me want to live and keep going and the things that have made me want to give up on it all. The reasons for my being, the reason I was born, all this has been on my mind because of those words.

I have thought about my reason for being alive many times before though most of the time it’s when something bad happens but this time I am just wondering if the reasons I have come to accept are correct. Weather there is another reason I still push through everything that happens to me without worry, all to keep going. Well I am happy I have kept going so long, I do know my reasons to stay alive, and they have proven to be the best way to motive myself when things don’t seem to being the way I planned. Therefore, I ask everyone reading this what is your reason for living, what makes you try harder every day. For me it’s helping others, my writing, my sites everything I have ever done and have ever stuck with has been to help someone in some way. Most of it has been to help cheer others up or give and escape from reality. This is my reason for living and it always will be as long as there is one person I can help in some way I will never be able to give up on life.

  • Josue Rodriguez

    There is only one thing that I can say I am living for, and that is to bring glory to God. 

    I could say, making movies, or making people laugh, but ultimately all of that is temporary and will fade away. I do all those things so that in the end I can point up and give all the credit to Him.

    He gave me the passion, the least I can do is give Him due credit.

    It’s funny, because in God I find my purpose. What’s funny is that I put down caring about myself, and pick up caring about His will. The love that he has for us, its crazy. I just want everyone to know how awesome He is , and how radically He could change your life

    •  God gave me the ability to write and make people happy by doing so and until he says other wise that’s what i will do.

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