Smoking is something that I have never really understood why people do, I mean it’s just gross, but the thing I really don’t get is the ads. Not the ads for smoking but the antismoking ads, they are so over done that they have lost their effect. Not only that but I think they are a waste of time to begin with, I’m not saying I don’t care if people smoke because I do if they smoke next to me. But I think if someone wants to smoke and destroy their body then let them, it’s their body, and they can do what they want to it.

At the same time though I think smoking in public places should be against the law, reason being is simple, smoking in a public place is affecting others as well as yourself. So forcing others to inhale smoke simply because you want to isn’t right especially for people who have problems breathing. My view on smoking is a little like my view on drinking if you want to do it its fines it’s your own body but don’t try to get anyone else to do the same.

So to all those that smoke and are fine with it more power to you I’m not going to tell you to quite but, stop smoking around other people who don’t smoke after all not because you are fine with it doesn’t mean someone else is. Not only that but think what if you blow smoke in someone’s face with a bad asthma problem, even if you didn’t mean to you could kill that person. So next time you go to a public place just think about others before you light you cigarette.

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