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Knowing one’s desires

Staying on track has proven to be very hard, but it has thought me a few things. Last week I have been doing my best to stay on track and do everything I have in my task manager and well now they are more red past due ones than I thought there would be. Well […]

My First Goal

It’s Christmas Eve and I finally figured out what my first goal will be. My first goal will be to write a novel, well really finish the ones I started. Though I know what I need to do I am not really sure how goals work, I mean I have never truly had a goal […]

Writing For Me

Well I have to say I do write a lot well at least I use to, now it’s a bit hard to write as much as I use to. It’s not that I can’t write anything I mean I can still write about the things I see just as easy and just as much but […]

Day One

Day one of my 30 days of writing was today, though the original plan was for it to be started on Sunday, and then I moved it to Monday to start off the week and ended up not even starting. But yesterday I did finish getting everything ready and left the first story I would […]

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