Unexpected Results

So this morning I woke up very tired, I didn’t get very much sleep seeing that I didn’t take any sleeping pills before I went to sleep. I spent the whole night waking up about every half hour or so, but even though I was very tired I felt unusual almost as if I forgotten something. But I paid it no attention and went about doing what I plan to do today, and about two hours later I realized that I wasn’t very focused. I looked over at the bottles on my dresser with my vitamins in them and I thought for a couple minutes whether or not I had taken them today. I realized I hadn’t taken them for the day and then something else occurred to me.

They were working a lot better than thought, for the past eight days I’ve been taking them early in the morning every single day except for today. And it dawned on me that my mind had been running 100 miles an hour for the past four days of except for this morning. So with just the regular everyday vitamins I have seen a huge difference in how I feel and how my mind is functioning. And the fact that I can feel the difference when I don’t take them in the morning is something I would never have expected.

But something I would never have guessed would be affected by what I was taking was affected this morning. I was able to see the bright blue skies outside this morning, I just sat there and looked at it for a while. Don’t get me wrong I see the sky all the time it’s just usually behind sunglasses, fact is I haven’t seen the sky during the day without my sunglasses in almost a year. And even though I do go outside without my sunglasses in the day, as soon as I look up everything just goes blank, my eyes burn, and my head starts hurting instantly, and I don’t actually see the sky. So being able to see the sky this morning and look up was something that was very unexpected to say the least, but it something I greatly enjoyed. One more thing I noticed was that my headaches seem to be going away slowly. They aren’t completely gone, more like a constant tiny pinprick in the back of my head, but it doesn’t get more than a slight pain right above my left eye which is the one that’s damaged anyway.

With all this just from regular vitamins I am very excited to try to see what will happen with something that’s actually designed to interact with my brain chemistry and promote neural regeneration and stimulate the rate at which my neurons fire. But when I think about it, it does sound kind of dangerous but no more dangerous than taking interferon and slowly destroyed my immune system and liver. Not to mention the amount of painkillers I have to take to counteract the headaches it causes. So here’s hoping this is the last year I will be taking those shots.

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