Windows 10 first looked

The logo for windows 10

Windows 10 is now in beta, I downloaded the beta and started to test it and I was a bit disappointed at first glance and then I used it for a while. I noticed that it was a lot faster than even windows 7, but I realized why it was faster. A lot of the functions that made windows 8 a snap to use got taken out, like the things in the task bar none of them are actual functional but instead there are links to the control panel. Though they did fix the Wi-Fi one so that you can connect to Wi-Fi without going to the control panel in the latest build, at the cost of slowing that build down. For now I haven’t used it very much but I have noticed that they seem to be going in the wrong direction when it comes to the touch interface.

The touch interface has been all but taken out it seems for now. It seems as though they are trying to rebuild it from scratch. All but one of the touch interfaces have been taken out, just one is left and that is the one that allows for switching windows. Which unlike windows 8 actually works great, allowing you to switch between windows native apps and regular applications at the same time which is a much need improvement from windows 8.

For now that’s all I have seen that’s really a big difference, the speed has been greatly improved and the app switching has been done right. Hopefully there will be a few more builds that will show much greater improvements on other parts of the operating system but for now I won’t be upgraded my main computer to windows 10, even if it is a free upgrade which of the moment no one knows if that’s going to be true.

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