All Good Things Must Come To An End?


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I have heard many people say “all good things must come to an end” true most of the time they have said it is when something good turned bad, but I believe that it is true that all good things must end. Though this sounds a tad bit bleak, it is not if you look at it the way I do. The way I see it is everything ends both good and bad, but it does not have to become the opposite for it to end. I do believe that every good thing has a limited time and will end. I do not believe that it will be bad when the time comes for it to end though. I mean it has ended but it could start something better as a result of it ending. For example, a good dating relationships may end in marriage, it was a good thing before and it got better, but the fact is what was there before ended and as a result, it cased something new and better to be started.

Likewise, most if not all good things must end in order for something better to happen. For a person to get a new promotion there old position must end, one just has to know how to see them. However, it is true that some good things end and they do not seem as though something better happens as a result. Which is sometimes true but when that happens, it’s best to stand back and think, what happened that caused it to end the way it did? How could it have ended better, most of all how could you stop the same out come from happening again? I have found that doing this is the best way to make sure that when something good comes to an end it leads to something better. That’s why my thought for today is “Its is up to us to make sure all good things end and become something better.”

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