May Twenty Fourth


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Today was a very odd day sent most of it thinking trying my best to get my mind back. I tried for a bit to get lost for a while in my mind for a while but didn’t really work all that well. For most of the day, I was kind of just drifting through the day on autopilot, which means no writing oddly enough. Made me think a bit how odd that really is I mean when I get caught up in something I’m writing I get lost in it and my body runs on autopilot.

I worked a bit on my sites working on error pages and adding back some missing post that I found. I never really realized just how many 404-error pages are created each day, though my redirect plugin takes care of a lot of them they are still a lot that need to be take care of and at the rate at which I have time to take care of them I’m not making much of a difference.

My post for today are below

4 AM conspiracy


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