Well it is another day that I am sore. Nevertheless, not the point, anyhow I am sitting waiting with my music playing seeing that I ran out of videos to watch on YouTube in my list so it’s on to writing something. So they are tons of thoughts in my head at the moment and it sucks. My mind is so jumbled I’m not even sure what thoughts are really going through my head.

but let’s see if I can make sense of at least one, I guess what stands out most is all the recent shootings that have been happening, it seems like every week more people are being killed and it’s a sad thing. Made even sadder by the fact that, it could happen at any moment anywhere. Oddly enough, it’s not fear that has this on my mind but more disappointment. Why, it’s because of the responses I see around the net, not just to the shootings but everything in general, there is so much hate.


I have noticed that lately many people are angry and responding to what they don’t agree with in violence. Yes, some are more violence than others are but it’s still the same. No one seems to want to listen to anyone else they just want you to agree with them or your wrong and should be hurt if you don’t agree.


So I’m sitting here wondering why, I really don’t understand what violence solves. I know I am maybe the most nonviolent person ever but I still get angry like everyone else but it never occurs to me to hurt anyone. It’s weird because I got in an argument over a comment a few weeks ago, it wasn’t a big argument, I was just correcting someone, and some random person just comes out of now where, and threatens me. I was confused but i was angry because it wasn’t the person I corrected that had the problem. I was somewhat sad because really what has the world come to when before someone is willing to talk they want to kill you first. It’s such a sad fact that shows how close we are to destroying this little planet because of stupid things and yes I said it’s stupid cause all violence is dumb it solves nothing at all.


Funny side note, if you look up threatens on office you get this as one of the ways to use it “She threatened to tell my wife.” Just thought it was somewhat funny. Well that is it for now hope everyone has a blessed, awesome day, thanks for reading share, like, or comment below on what you like or dislike, and I will be writing to you again soon.

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