May Fifteenth


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Today I did some writing but not that much just a bit of updates not very much of anything for myself though. I spent some time watching training videos and reading some of my old stuff that I decided to work on cause it’s done and I might as well get correcting it out of the way seeing that I am not in a writing mood at all recently for some reason.

There has been a lot on my mind as of late and it might be the reason every time I try and sit down to write something I just can’t which is setting me back a lot. I have a lot to do and a lot more that I want to do, I don’t have the time and well mostly the motivation to do any of it. Which for me is a big deal I never normally have this problem weather or not I am motivated has never been a reason for me not to do something. Guess the stress of maintaining and almost constant check on my entire body to make sure it’s not hurt or doing something it shouldn’t be doing is starting to take its toile on my mind. Not sleeping right isn’t really helping either oh well, I have fallen into insanity once before I’m sure I can get back again I think, well we will see.

Anyway back to normal well, yeah I call it normal, I did a lot of site settings change to my site so that it will run smoother and have less server load so hopefully it all goes well. I also started my 404 page redirecting I did about forty of the two hundred. But most of them seem to be caused my indirect links to the site from other places so hopefully, after I do some more my site traffic will increase, and hopefully higher search engine ranking to.

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