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Unexpected Results

So this morning I woke up very tired, I didn’t get very much sleep seeing that I didn’t take any sleeping pills before I went to sleep. I spent the whole night waking up about every half hour or so, but even though I was very tired I felt unusual almost as if I forgotten […]

2015 Is Over

Today is the last day of 2015 and it’s the last day of whatever new year’s resolutions that you had from 2015. And if it hasn’t been accomplished it won’t be anymore, a sad thing to say but it’s true. I like a lot of people didn’t accomplish my goal this year but I did […]

Entry For 7/25/2012

It sucks when you have something that is very hard to understand. For me having MS sucks the most when you go through things and it affects you in that people around you don’t understand. This then sucks because the reaction is never a good one, it is human to fear and hate what they […]

May Twenty Fourth

Today was a very odd day sent most of it thinking trying my best to get my mind back. I tried for a bit to get lost for a while in my mind for a while but didn’t really work all that well. For most of the day, I was kind of just drifting through […]

May Twenty Third

Let’s see what did I do today well I didn’t do very much but just think a lot about what I want to do and what I am doing, I don’t really know what I want to write very much anymore. Which is odd I mean my mind is actually going blank, which is a […]

Mind Lost

I actually had a few things planned for today but now it’s all down the drain now. This is by far the worst part about being sick. The inability to control your own mind sucks, much more than not being able to control your body, especially when you go from a person that was always […]

Reason To Live

Yesterday I was watching an anime and one of the characters said something that stuck with me all day and even now I am still thinking about it. “You don’t need a reason to die but you do need a reason to live.” Was what was said and I have been thinking about those words […]


New book coming soon

This month is where it will all start, well more of I am finally getting there. As I was talking about last week, I have been working on, finishing things instead of just writing alone but getting my work done and complete. So I am publishing my first short story collection this coming week, Cursed […]

One Long Day

Living with MS sucks to say the least, days like today make me regret being born. Yes I know that’s a bit extreme but its true, I know its fine sometimes but its days like today that make me crazy. When I lose control of my mind, thoughts, and emotions. My thoughts go from fogy […]

Knowing one’s desires

Staying on track has proven to be very hard, but it has thought me a few things. Last week I have been doing my best to stay on track and do everything I have in my task manager and well now they are more red past due ones than I thought there would be. Well […]

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